Monday, June 1, 2009

Milk and Meat are Drugs?

my mom becomes a vegan?

The Cliff Notes
Opiate Effects of Foods,
physicians committee for responsible medicine

* Sugars: sugar sugar sugar
o opiate have like effect,
o baby magnetization with sugar water,
o hospitals use them for heel prick blood draw

* Casien: strings of four or five or seven,
o casomorphines
o milk must work: sugars, fats, morphine
o mother infant bond = human infant bond

* Migraines: dairy, eggs, meat, wheat, onion, corn, banana's

* Meat Seduction:
o animal fat linked to breast cancer...??
o diabetes type two, two thirds came off their drugs
o age 60 one in four are impotent
+ one in four chance of heart attack in the next two years
* calories rule of ten, eat at least your rule of ten minimum calories..
o Your Wieght times ten, 165 times ten = 1650 calories...